Acoustic Studies - Certified Measurements

What we offer

Sticon has been in the world of acoustics for more than 10 years, offering its expertise in the world of acoustics by performing acoustic studies and measurements in all types of installations and sectors. We have a minimal infrastructure that takes full advantage of online collaboration and cooperation with our partners in those areas necessary to provide a comprehensive service, which allows us to maximise our efforts and offer the highest quality at very competitive rates.

Planning strategy

Every project must start from a strategy that helps all parties to understand the objective, approach and development of the project.


Every study has different approaches, depending on budgets, invariable constraints and time of execution.


Set objectives according to status, standards and values needed to achieve results in line with requirements.


Project implementation, monitoring and updating of variations or proposals.

Audio-visual presentation and report of values and results.



Acoustic studies

Acoustic studies to determine the sound behaviour of a space.
Measures foreseen in the preliminary project of the main acoustic values according to the use of the space.
Preliminary analysis of results with aurelisation (acoustic simulation) of the proposed measures.

Environmental studies

Environmental impact studies of industrial or leisure noise sources.
Acoustic impact in residential areas of machinery or industrial elements.

Environmental studies for temporary events, festivals, concerts, one-off events such as fairs, festivals, or permanent installations.


Acoustic status of a space or facility and impacts on others.


Culture and Leisure

Particularly important in spaces dedicated to cultural events (theatres, conferences, museums...) and leisure (concerts, discotheques, cinemas...) is insulation, acoustic quality and intelligibility. It is particularly important to comply with local regulations in order to avoid sanctions and closures.

Salas de conciertos

Restaurants - Offices

More and more importance is being attached to the way acoustics affect comfort in spaces. Spaces with inadequate reverberation have a decisive influence on the comfort when it comes to holding a conversation or concentrating on a task. Market studies have shown that a conditioning that is adapted to the use of the space, will have a noticeable effect on the performance of this space.

Meeting room

Public Spaces

Large public spaces such as airports, stations, museums, tunnels, stadiums, etc. require a particular acoustic behaviour as they are of paramount importance in emergency systems.
Various regulations affect their configuration and conditions.
The acoustic and electro-acoustic modelling of the project helps in a very important way to foresee their behaviour, avoiding the need to carry out later modifications that would significantly affect both the budget and the realisation.


Space conditioning


Capilla Museo Historia de Madrid (2019)

Measurements and condition analysis. Acoustic conditioning and audiovisual reinforcement study.

Auditorio sede Madrid Banco Santander (2019)

Measurements and condition analysis. Acoustic conditioning and audiovisual reinforcement study.

Airport Tocumen Panamá (2018)

Electro-acoustic study of public address system.

Convention Center Amador Panamá (2018)

Electro-acoustic study of public address system.

Bus station San Lorenzo del Escorial (2018)

Measurements and status analysis. Acoustic conditioning study of environmental impact.

Theater Návia (2017)

Acoustic conditioning and audiovisual reinforcement study.

Town Hall Madrid Palacio Cibeles (2014)

Configuration and adjustment of audio systems. Acoustic study of the space.

Library of Bagdad Irak (2013)

Modeling and acoustic study

Historical monument Valle de los Caidos (2010)

Electro-acoustic studio installation sound system