Sticon Sistemas was born from the joining of people with more than 40 years of experience in the most important sectors related to acoustics and professional sound.

We cover all areas and offer services to all types of clients from the largest infrastructures to the more modest premises. In all of them we put all our knowledge and experience backed by our evolution and commitment.

We have an infrastructure that makes the most of online collaboration, which allows us to maximise our efforts and offer the highest quality service at very competitive rates.

Our Vision

Acoustics can be a problem or an advantage, depending on how you approach it. Our aim is to improve spaces, to make them more comfortable and healthier.

The WHO has recognised noise pollution as the second cause affecting people's health after environmental pollution.

Sound by its nature is subject to very subjective evaluations, it is necessary to have tools of analysis and measurements that help to evaluate and configure all the elements that affect its perception.


Acoustic Studies - Certified Measurements

It is very important to study the acoustic behaviour of a space before its construction, as any subsequent renovation will involve a great deal of expense and inconvenience.

A prior analysis and study will help to obtain the best possible values for the use of the space.


Design | Configuration | Settings

We develop the whole process of design, system configuration and commissioning of all types of installations (public address, conferences, shows, evacuation…). 

Each requires specific treatment and consideration and can make or break your investment.

I + D + I

Developments | Manufacturing | Integration

One of Sticon’s main concerns is the search for solutions, within the world of acoustics, to create tools that cover those areas where sound analysis, evaluation or control is needed, even in areas that have not been applied until now.