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Equipment designed for monitoring, control and recording of the main acoustic values in public spaces with installations of evacuation sound or public address systems.

Sound level measurement system specifically designed for event control with level logging.

Interface for monitoring and visual limit alerts.

Measurement logging for analysis.

Access via WiFi locally or remotely.

Acoustic quality supervision system for public address systems for information or alarm.

It reports the intelligibility values of each broadcast message, taking into account factors such as ambient noise, emission level, signal distortion, etc.

Intuitive interface for immediate checking of the quality of the messages and recording of values for supervision and control of the audio system.


System for sending TTS messages over the public address system from mobile devices in different languages..


System for sending TTS (text to speech) messages via fixed or mobile terminals through the wifi network. Integration in existing control systems and possibility of selecting languages, zones, schedules, programming...

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