Quality management and control of public address systems

For the first time, VOXTI offers an active quality control system for the installation of electro-acoustic systems for broadcasting messages , which complements the electronic monitoring of the installed systems with an acoustic evaluation.
It immediately evaluates the quality level at the moment the message is broadcast, providing an STI value, which takes into account possible environmental, spatial or technical incidents that influence the intelligibility of the message.
VOXTI adapts to any installation and adjusts its quality assessment to its characteristics and use of the installation.

“When hearing an echo many believe that the sound is coming from it” (E. Hemingway)

Examples of measurements on public premises


Acoustic evaluation

- Calculation of STI intelligibility at the time of message.
- Leq level of the message.
- SPL level of ambient noise.

Signal analysis

*Preamp level.
*Noise in the system.
*Signal failure.


*Archive of all the values values obtained for each measurement.
*Audio recording preamp and each zone.
*Data playback and export



Selection of presentation language.
• Choice of colour or grey screen for adaptation to visually impaired operators.

Monitoring and Analysis

Regular reports on the condition of the installation, in which the values are analysed in a comprehensible and exhaustive way, interpreting the incidents and proposing possible corrective actions.


Access to the system is via network Ethernet on a terminal (running browser) from which you have access to a "web application".


Non-intrusive installation, no modification or update is required of the system to be monitored.
- SSH protocol for low-level control and integration with existing systems.
• Digital (Cobranet, Dante) or analogue network installations.


Instant message measurement and rating

Pantalla Live Voxti

Logging all messages

Pantalla Historico Voxti

Report and analysis of values

Estudio Voxti
Informe Voxti

History and concepts of intelligibility (Spanish)


Culture and Leisure

The intelligibility and quality of the message is particularly important in spaces dedicated to cultural events (theatres, conferences, museums...) and leisure (stadiums, sports centres, shopping centres...) for both evacuation and information messages.

Public Spaces

Large public spaces such as airports, stations, museums, tunnels... require a particular acoustic behaviour as they are of paramount importance in emergency systems.

Various regulations affect their configuration and conditions.

The Voxti, in addition to immediately informing about the acoustic quality of the message, with its recording system allows to evaluate a posteriori all the necessary parameters to know in case of an incident if the correct message was emitted and how it was heard in the different measurement points.


Airport Málaga
Road tunnel Olandixo (Mondragón-Arrasate)
Atocha Cercanías Station (Madrid)