Sound level monitoring system

Acoustic control systems based on the use of limiters have long been insufficient in many venues and events.

It is necessary to use measurement systems with monitoring, archiving and analysis functions that offer a useful tool for both the installation and the bodies responsible for compliance with the appropriate limits according to use and type.

The control of the levels will be at the discretion of those responsible for the installation, opting for limitation and control systems that they consider appropriate in terms of functionality, quality and cost.

Concept (Spanish)

Instantaneous measurement and assessment of levels


Session registration

Direct session tracking chart

1/3 octave spectrum analysis


Level measurement with limit alerts

Measurement of sound levels with warnings of level exceedances


Constant recording of levels with the option of ex-post review of sessions for evaluation of incidents.



- Real-time measurement of 8 types of levels, SPL, Leq 5sg, Leq 1min, Leq 5min, in dBA and dBC.
- 1/3 octave frequency range


- Three-level warning system that allows any configuration mode according to the type of measurement (excessive dBA levels or low frequencies), number of occurrences, analysis time, warning type and duration.
- The warnings are displayed on the screen by flashing lights of different colours, which are very intuitive and highly effective as they are very visible.
- Its size allows it to be placed close to the sound control within sight of the operator or sound manager.


- The archive system is continuously logging.
- Using the historical log, sessions can be created to consult any period with its levels and warnings.


- The equipment can be accessed through its own wifi with any device via a web browser, maintaining the alerts, which allows it to be consulted on various devices and in different locations. Optionally, if connected to the internet, it can be consulted remotely.
- You can download data from any session in Excel or csv format, and create an overview report of the session or do a comprehensive analysis.
- Sticon offers optional support for data download, analysis and reporting for installation or single monitoring.


Estudio Levelad

Measurement comparison
Bruel & KJaer - Levelad

History and concepts of sound pressure levels (spanish)


Culture and Leisure

At events with musical performances such as concert halls, auditoriums, theatres or concerts, open-air festivals.

Centros Comerciales


In the realisation of events it is of vital importance that the sound levels are adapted to the type of event, in conferences and meetings for speech understanding and in presentations and performances for the ideal intensity and comfort.