Audio messaging and TTS of synthesised voice over the network

The TTS system is responsible for sending text messages to the public address system from networked devices for playback by synthetic voices. The management is done through a web browser, with access control through the appropriate security system. Among its main features are the option to select sending zones and voice genre, time scheduling of messages, management of pre-recorded messages, complete history of messages. Interface adaptation to multiple devices and display.



- Instant text messaging. - Message archive management with scheduling and replay options. - Multiple sending languages. - Archiving of message sending data.


It can be managed from desktop or mobile devices, so the layout varies according to screen size and resolution. The application has six presentations for the different functions.



Management of sending to zones via TCP/IP socket connection with the installation's distribution system without interfering with the configuration or management of the public address control system.


Integrates seamlessly into existing Voxti and PA systems
- Ethernet network connection.
- Analogue audio output or via cobranet network for connection to PA preamplifier system.


- Storage in different memories of active zones for sending messages. Configurations of active zones are configured in independent memories, which, when selected, open only these zones.
- As many memories as possible combinations can be configured.
- Simultaneous sending of messages to different zones.
- Independent adjustment of the selection of open zones in each area.


Instant broadcasting of messages by zones

Recurring pre-recorded messages

Historical message log


Public Spaces

Rapid voice communication is the most effective system for communicating emergency warnings or relevant information in spaces with a high density of people. Sikrivoc allows these to be broadcast by different people from any location in a simple and secure way.

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